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27th – 29th May 2022Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow


COVID-19 Policy

We have now finalised our COVID-19 Policy; please read it carefully on our COVID-19 page.

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Hotel Booking link currently broken

The Hotel is having problems with the link/booking code and are trying to fix it.

They have suggested that you call the hotel directly on 0141 306 9988 and say you are booking for Satellite 7 they will take a booking over the phone, Group bookings works office hours so you may have to call during the day, Mon - Fri.

They have also extended the booking deadline till 29th April 2022


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Convention Hotel Rate Closing Soon

Anyone who wants to take advantage of the special discounted convention bedroom rate in the Crowne Plaza must book by Thursday 21st April. Please note that numerous cheaper accommodation options are available close to the SEC.

Please see our Hotel page for further details.

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COVID-19 Position Statement

Our current COVID-19 Position Statement is now available on our COVID-19 page.

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Do you give a Toss?

So you made it to Reclamation? But what's this? The Satellite 7 con desk doesn't have any silly games?

Oh yes it does! Sort of.

You can still play Top Tosser online, by following this link!

Even if you didn't make it to Reclamation.

Added on 15/04/2022 10:16 by Mad Elf