...it's a giant gas
27th – 29th May 2022Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow

Maintaining Joviality

Please keep these simple rules in mind when at Satellite 7.


We don't have exclusive use of the hotel, and other people will be around the convention areas, so it's very important that you display your badge clearly at all times. Only convention members and hotel staff are permitted in the programme areas.


We want everyone to enjoy Satellite 7… so please be considerate of other members. It is unacceptable to harass or abuse anyone for any reason, but especially on the grounds of their:

  • age
  • race
  • appearance or costume
  • religion or beliefs
  • disability
  • sex or gender
  • gender reassignment
  • sexual orientation or practice

This applies not only to the physical world, but also to electronic media relevant to the convention.

If a convention member feels that they have been the subject of harassment or abuse, they should raise the matter with the duty committee member (DCM) or another committee member if preferred. The committee will investigate each issue, in a timely fashion, with sensitivity, and attempting to be fair to all parties involved. Where appropriate, action will be taken ranging from an informal chat and suggested changes to behaviour, through a formal verbal warning, to withdrawal of membership without refund and ejection from the convention. Suspected criminality will be referred directly and immediately to Police Scotland.

Views expressed by individual programme participants are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Satellite 7 or of the Committee.

This convention is subject to Scots Law.


Although Satellite 7 is aimed mainly at adult fans, children are welcome to attend. However, no crèche facilities are available and child members remain the responsibility of their parent or guardian at all times.

Costumes and Weapons

Hall costumes are welcome at Satellite 7. Please ensure that any weapons worn as part of a costume are obviously replicas or toys, otherwise they will be confiscated for the duration of the convention.

Mobile Phones

Please turn these off, or at least to 'silent' mode, during programme items.

Photography, Audio and Video Recording

You are welcome to take photos and video at the convention if you have the permission of all persons in shot (and that applies even to those odd people in the background you didn’t actually mean to include!). If someone is willing to be photographed or recorded but asks that the image or sound not be posted to the internet, you must honour their wishes. No photography is allowed in the Art Show.

Posters and Leaflets

You are welcome to leave flyers for your convention or SF group in the convention areas, but please do not distribute any around the rest of the hotel. Similarly, please restrict posters etc. to hard surfaces in the convention areas and use only white tac (no blu tac, pins, sellotape etc.).